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Editing Sheet

First Paragraph:

  1. Is the significance of topic identified?
  2. Is the location of event mentioned?
  3. Is the time period mentioned?
  4. Is there a thesis statement?
  5. Is there a transition sentence?
  6. Are there any spelling errors?
  7. Can you make any other suggestions?


For each paragraph in the body of the paper:

  1. Is there a topic sentence that explains what this paragraph is about? Does it need to be rewritten?
  2. Do all the specific examples in the paragraph relate to topic sentence?
  3. Does this paragraph support the thesis statement?
  4. Has the author paraphrased properly?
  5. Is a source cited (author’s last name pg #) for each sentence or each group of sentences?
  6. Are there any quotes? Are there quotation marks around it?
  7. Is the quote followed by a sentence explaining the quote?
  8. Are there any spelling errors in the paragraph?
  9. Is there a transition sentence?
  10. Are there any other suggestions you would like to make?


Last Paragraph:

  1. Did the author choose a summary conclusion, response to essential question or a prediction/recommendation?
  2. Does the final paragraph bring the paper to a natural and graceful end with no loose ends?
  3. Are there any spelling errors in the paragraph?
  4. Are there any other suggestions you would like to make?


Works Cited Page:

  1. Are all the required source types present?
  2. Is the whole page in alphabetical order?
  3. Compare each citation to the model. Make any corrections of the page



  1. Are titles of books underlined throughout the paper?
  2. Are titles of articles in quotations?
  3. Are there any other errors?
  4. Does the author use any possessive pronouns i.e. I, you, me etc.?
  5. Compare the title page to the model. Is the format correct? Is all the information relevant to this class?
  6. Has the required page of text been fulfilled?
  7. Is the paper in 12 pt. Times New Roman font? Double-spaced? One-inch margins?
  8. Are there page numbers at the bottom center of each page?

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